Triangle Wall Mount Planter

Product Features:
  • Includes a wooden wall mounting triangle piece and a flat bottom test tube.
  • Wooden base for better stability of the glass tube.
  • Ideal for enhancing the visual appeal of interior spaces such as cafes, bars, homes, and offices.
  • Easy to install and handle.
  • Suitable for gift-giving occasions.

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Triangle Wall Mount Planter is a stunning addition to elevate your interior décor. This unique planter combines modern design with functionality, creating a captivating focal point on any wall. Crafted with utmost precision, it features a sleek triangular shape that adds a touch of geometric elegance to your living space.
Made from premium quality materials, the Triangle Wall Mount Planter ensures durability and longevity. Its sturdy construction guarantees a secure attachment to the wall, providing a safe and reliable home for your favorite plants. With its compact size, it is perfect for small spaces, making it an excellent choice for apartments, offices, or any area with limited floor space.

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